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The Final Fantasy XIV Emote That's Pretty Much

Le 13 novembre 2017, 09:45 dans Humeurs 0

When the MMO Final Fantasy XIV was launched three new gestures(how to get ffxiv gil you can come to ssegold) for the thief a year ago, there was a lot of glaring and nudge. Then, after closing the virtual house or apartment, there are many things to follow.


If you know the appeal of online role-playing games, it feels worse, you know, when you come across a bunch of silent avatars dressed up in dazzling costumes. Maybe in / whisper and / tell them is cyber sex. As long as online games have been and are as long as it was done in a chat room, erotic cosplay tends to shorten to ERP. Avatar's body, however, did not sound out bad voices in such a poor voice, that is to say just standing together and not imagining gamers in all the more intuitive interests. As more vivid emotional avatars express themselves, cyberspace has become more and more vivid.


The FFXIV player Asami Hanazaki's hand touched Uruda's bench in my virtual city and she told me how to start the game. As I walked around the quicksand pub, her dim cat girl said she would see the tendency to waver. When I was shocked, I thought it was something like "daddy" being hung above my head. In the pub, the player types in a private message hating each other. Hansaki said that it is carried out in quicksand and is only half that of an FFXIV ERP experience. In order to achieve something extra encountered in the game, players in the game brought back to each other's residence, running things.


"/ Doze is probably the commonest one is" Laugh in the flower and tell me what emotions I use when I ask about using more frequent sex life. It is very strange that there is almost no limit to the privacy of personal furniture Emotional sleep. It takes advantage of this when you are in the vicinity of furniture, such as the characters lying in bed, the embodiment of the timing in the chat box. Although FFXIV did not drowse in 2013 and was available, Square Enix's merchants immediately introduced furniture, such as private homes and beds, to developers so that I could sleep well on the furniture, I made good adjustments. Until last July, / sleep seems to really doze off. It's a bit more level now.


For genders, the player is "normal, whether the opponent is on the faces of other characters, or is off the prank, someone sitting on top of someone else." Sometimes, using the feel of stretching, the other I'll push my ass up To him. "Square Enix, fans did not say anything, you have a new emotion to do." In 2013, Square Enix's community managers(Hurry up to catch FFXIV Items to play game more flexible) were not limited to using private settings that were "especially inappropriate not to take a proper screen shot." However, To doze off, players from their own Nesoberi, perhaps knees or two on top of their backs with stomach problems.

FIFA 18: Who is the best, Brentford, Fulham or QPR?

Le 23 octobre 2017, 11:51 dans Humeurs 0

There is a new FIFA game in the store, but who do you play?

Of course, fans of Brentford, Fulham and Queen's Park Rangers(Guess you would like to the following link to Find more interesting news) will be their team, but all the other people in London West will not have any special loyalty?



At the beginning of the season, there was no Fullham problem.


The reason is clear that the White House in the playoffs to complete the playoffs. Brentford ranked 10th, relegation zone over QPR.


Fulham broke through 100 points in the opening season of the season, 72 points, midfielder 74 points, defensive 70 points. They dominated all areas of western London, in addition to the defense, in three areas have received 70 points.


Brentford and QPR (QPR) have a defensive little bee, but Hobbes has the same advantage in the attack.


But now the situation is different. Even if you choose is Fulham, if you are not the game defender.


The average game selection of the White House was influenced by the defense, and the defense of Slavisyekovic dropped to 69 points. Brentford's defensive ability to 71 points, because he allowed this season more than four white goals. But their attack power has fallen.


QPR's irresponsible departure is reflected in their statistics, which is almost only a rising point in the midfield.


So it should be Fulham. But if they continue(go to to see cheap coins) to fight in the field, as the season progresses, they will change.

FIFA 18 Guide: Fut foundation and short-term strategy

Le 29 septembre 2017, 12:25 dans Humeurs 0

There is no bigger game series in the world than FIFA. However, the ultimate team(More about professial knowledge of fifa 18 coins here) is the most popular mode, absolutely can appear in the casual players who. The social media dictionary can not be deciphered like the Bausch script. "Sivasspor SBC's SIF Messy Pack! Flip or keep?

The following guidelines are intended to change it. In addition to speeding up FIFA's secret words, you can also compete quickly with the elite, Craig Dawson can quickly win gold and get gold.


FUT Foundation: Chemistry, Card, Special Edition


Ultimate Team combines online or offline gameplay with a digital card collection. The difference with Panini is that the player's card has attributes. You will be from them to team up and bring it to those games. Cards can be obtained by purchasing a package or by buying / selling with other human players in the auction market. Like the real football, the better the player's property, the more he will put pressure on you.


But not just important attributes. By putting the same club, league, or national team on the team, "chemistry" raises the player's ability to compete in terms of path accuracy.


With the actual season, the special card will be listed in a limited time. This comes from the word "SIF". In other words, this means Messi's "second notice". His standard card overall score of 93 points, the weekend at the scene of the performance may win this Wednesday's "Wednesday" weekend 94 "notice" card. The impressive performance of the second half of the season will win the 95th card - his second "notice", so "SIF" Yes, TIF and FIF cards also exist.


FUT Short-term strategy: how to quickly increase your coin balance


The above mentioned three types of packages, you will get cards: gold, silver and blue. Better players can be found in the gold medal, but you should not buy them. The package is much more expensive than any other type, so it is worthwhile to keep it inside the secondary market. The ongoing game will unlock the gold package in other ways, such as the Squat Building Challenge (from now on), the wise market job finally has enough coins to buy any players I'll make money


To quickly start creating your coins, click R3 / RS and release all FUT bonuses provided in the FIFA directory. These are worth more than 1000 extra coins per game. And then all the initial coins are concentrated in a bronze bag - when you feel a little bit of wealthy wallet.


Premier League, Ligue 1, Bundesliga, Casio, La Liga players(If you want to get a suitable price,you can visit here buy fifa coins) can be put on the market. By doing so, you will be able to get at least the market value. Hide all other players of the club. In addition, put all the wound card, player fitness card and team fitness card on the transfer list. The latter will eventually be sold at a price of at least 1,400 coins. Get $ 930 from the $ 400 package (EA's retail tax).


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