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World of Warcraft Police Part 2: Good and Bad

Le 3 June 2018, 16:47 dans Humeurs 0

The Legion took World of Warcraft from Delano’s soldiers. During the Wrath of the Lich King, the number of subscriptions to the game is 50% less than the peak time of 12 million users. However, Blizzard cancelled the contract in November 2015. This means that you don't know the concept of World of Warcraft contract success for about three years.


People are still playing games, but how many people are playing games? Are people still enjoying the game? Or do you have an era of original games that did not expand the army back to the original game, the first "revenge revenge" of the two divisions "burnt flower exploration"? These are questions that have no clear answer. Therefore, I will look at the evils and evils that have occurred in this development.


Good: There is always something.

The game can be logged in almost every day. People can complete world missions, daily heroes, pet battles, and mythical focus. A new PvP bra returns to the game and attracts the neglected PvP community. This is after the Battle of Azeros. Even players with limited player time can easily and quickly challenge and gain at least average difficulty.


Bad: The balance of artifact weapons.

There are artificial weapons, there are 2 kinds of gears, weapons and hands. People wearing blue weapons are in the middle of the attack layer. This is a major change in my experience. Artifact weapons are a compromise way to restore old talented trees and maintain existing systems. However, you need to upgrade your weapons according to different specifications. Knowledge about artifacts is currently simplified, but players often find themselves unsatisfied with these changes before making changes.


Safe gold buying wow you imagine having it feel.


Good: This is probably the most familiar extension of World of Warcraft.

Deus Ex developer Eidos Montreal almost made a final fantasy game

Le 2 May 2018, 10:05 dans Humeurs 0

The YouTube channel's new video, Ultra Bunnyhop (aka Industry Reporter George Weirdman), has suggested that Eidos Montréal has been working in Final Fantasy games.


2011 critically acclaimed love struck out: Humanity Following the introduction of revolution, the producer of the studio's people gave Akodento to Weidmann, and the concept of developing a new type of RPG was strongly influenced by the effects of Final Fantasy I did. But after the parent company, Square Enix blessed the project, which simply became a final fantasy game.


Weidmann is, this story, this is the next major entrance in the series, while the release of the domestic studio attached Final Fantasy XIII in the mid-term review occurred at the first start of Final Fantasy 14 was Wakioko's worry after the lack of talking .


Given that it could be the first game of Western Final Fantasy, the project at the time was called Project W.


In 2012, the studio sent representatives to Japan and handed over the project to the former Director of Final Fantasy. The tonality of the W item is a SF space play of fractal-like visual design. In addition, there is a high-tech engine that can achieve seamless interplanetary take-off and landing.


Regarding this story, I was able to find the interest of Nova's love around her heroes around the galaxy. The love triangle between me and mercenaries derailed.


You can hear it, right? Well, Square Enix doesn't think so. It was quickly rejected. In the refusal, the project continued to be its own intellectual property, codenamed Project Nova. However, due to cancellation of the software, the project could not find publishers who passed the project due to risks such as Sony or Microsoft in mid-2013.


As you know, Eidos Montreal has developed thieves and demons Ex: human division and support the rise of Tomb Raider. Currently it is not only co-developing the game of the Unknown Avengers, it is also working in the shadow of "Tomb Raider" which is scheduled to be released later this year.


Interestingly, Final Fantasy was shortlisted for Final Fantasy XV (SSEGold Cheap FFXIV Gil is already a very high well-known brand). It is unclear whether Eidos Montreal’s game is Final Fantasy XV or XVI.


What is waiting for something to fail on the battle of Azeroth

Le 27 April 2018, 11:04 dans Humeurs 0

Blizzard hopes to rebuild the old World of Warcraft buy gold conflict between the Alliance and the Horde in the Battle of Azeroth. However, emphasizing the hostile attitude between the parties may make a large part of players lose their visibility. It looks unhealthy.


Throughout the entire legion, we saw a breakdown in the obstacles between the factions. Tribal/union division is almost arbitrary because buy gold class characteristics are the focus. At the end of the expanding storyline, we formed a band to defeat the greater evil of Sylvanas and Anduin. The legion is about bringing everyone.


If you are not prolific in the PvP scene, you can even forget the specifics of the existing factions. (I still remember Argos's constant embarrassment of Johor, but... yes, but it is still bitter.) Now, what Blizzard wants to bring is another symbolic feature of Warcraft. 'Announce your loyalty' is the welcome screen of the WoW website. When you start it, 'ready to be ready' will welcome you on the launcher. The biggest game. Obviously, what Blizzard will pursue in the next expansion.


However, in the long run, the battle to become the forerunner of Azeroth will have to win and lose. Of course, this will make half of the players mouth sour. For most of the players, but at least the two sides are in bilateral nature, the alliance/tribe is divided into about 50 days, and players deep inside are actually representing one side more than the other. Listen to the public's reaction to the 'tribal' and 'alliance' moments in Azeroth's launch of the trailer.


Blizzard’s writing team performed well in the Legion’s story. This shows that we have already seen a bit of contention for Azeroth, emphasizing the plot, and the team's eagerness to show that the dark reality of the desire to explore modern and fantasy cannot be closer together. But the popular theory of the factions is that although the huge conflict ganuiyi will expel will appear before the "two-sided defeat, the situation is seriously weakened just before the bad."


At the end of the Battle of Azeroth, we will not fight each other. The expansion has been confirmed by the influence of Queen Azshara and the ancient god Enzo. If you do not want to alienate most of the player base, Blizzard should be careful. Players may complain if they do not provide enough solutions through fierce angle camps and conflicts.


Blizzard wow buy gold longer reports on the number of users, but the Corps will undoubtedly have achieved success and won many lives in World of Warcraft. However, by focusing on the next expansion of this polarization event, they may initially gamble more than many wills. No one wants to be called a loser. Especially if you can't contribute for a reason, you don't know what your brand is.


If Blizzard eventually tries to throw a curve ball by giving us a big game boss wow buy gold, they run the risk of being blamed for a thorny pony by being dependent on the same expansion formula they have relied on for years. Unless the tensions in the battle of Azeroth are satisfactorily resolved, the championship may be defeated in the long run.

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