The YouTube channel's new video, Ultra Bunnyhop (aka Industry Reporter George Weirdman), has suggested that Eidos Montréal has been working in Final Fantasy games.


2011 critically acclaimed love struck out: Humanity Following the introduction of revolution, the producer of the studio's people gave Akodento to Weidmann, and the concept of developing a new type of RPG was strongly influenced by the effects of Final Fantasy I did. But after the parent company, Square Enix blessed the project, which simply became a final fantasy game.


Weidmann is, this story, this is the next major entrance in the series, while the release of the domestic studio attached Final Fantasy XIII in the mid-term review occurred at the first start of Final Fantasy 14 was Wakioko's worry after the lack of talking .


Given that it could be the first game of Western Final Fantasy, the project at the time was called Project W.


In 2012, the studio sent representatives to Japan and handed over the project to the former Director of Final Fantasy. The tonality of the W item is a SF space play of fractal-like visual design. In addition, there is a high-tech engine that can achieve seamless interplanetary take-off and landing.


Regarding this story, I was able to find the interest of Nova's love around her heroes around the galaxy. The love triangle between me and mercenaries derailed.


You can hear it, right? Well, Square Enix doesn't think so. It was quickly rejected. In the refusal, the project continued to be its own intellectual property, codenamed Project Nova. However, due to cancellation of the software, the project could not find publishers who passed the project due to risks such as Sony or Microsoft in mid-2013.


As you know, Eidos Montreal has developed thieves and demons Ex: human division and support the rise of Tomb Raider. Currently it is not only co-developing the game of the Unknown Avengers, it is also working in the shadow of "Tomb Raider" which is scheduled to be released later this year.


Interestingly, Final Fantasy was shortlisted for Final Fantasy XV (SSEGold Cheap FFXIV Gil is already a very high well-known brand). It is unclear whether Eidos Montreal’s game is Final Fantasy XV or XVI.