Recently, Square Enix said that the fan festival tickets will be released on July 23, is an enthusiastic fan of Final Fantasy XIV. Ok, just like I am here, a Japanese company finally has a place with at least some people... The general public has to wait for a moment.

For SQUARE ENIX, the European Fan Festival tickets dedicated to "FINAL FANTASY XIV", which will be open to the public next week, will be sold to active players. We encourage all stakeholders to get a seat immediately before they are sold!


People who are active between June 1st and July 6th, 2018 can purchase tickets by clicking on the link included in the email sent to them. There are four local restrictions for each purchase, which is not available to other users.


The Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival (in addition to a small number of people who don't care about cheap gil, most players want to get this benefit) will take place from February 2nd to 3rd, 2019 at La Grande Halle, La Vilette, Paris.