FFXIV has announced that it has surpassed the cumulative player with more than 100,000 players(buy gil ffxiv), and Final Fantasy 14 will continue to grow worldwide. This milestone is released and patch 4.06 is the beginning of the seasonal event of the Firefire Circus. The player, which includes the antenna can not be Ultros and his control, can participate in a new series of tasks, which include the famous device of the fairy version, you can celebrate the event item.


Final Fantasy XIV is launched 7 years later (and after the fourth update), the ultimate fantasy 14 developer is because it is the whole game life called the steady update, we won more than 100,000 people, the cumulative player.


Milestone itself, large-scale multi-player online game, began to PC and PS4 both sides of the second largest information, it is only a few months after the start to support the completion of PS3.


However, the trial of 10 million times, including those who use the game free trial version. Previously, players can visit Eorzean(click here) in time for this lifetime, we can play free of charge to 35, recently remodeled the system.