The Legion took World of Warcraft from Delano’s soldiers. During the Wrath of the Lich King, the number of subscriptions to the game is 50% less than the peak time of 12 million users. However, Blizzard cancelled the contract in November 2015. This means that you don't know the concept of World of Warcraft contract success for about three years.


People are still playing games, but how many people are playing games? Are people still enjoying the game? Or do you have an era of original games that did not expand the army back to the original game, the first "revenge revenge" of the two divisions "burnt flower exploration"? These are questions that have no clear answer. Therefore, I will look at the evils and evils that have occurred in this development.


Good: There is always something.

The game can be logged in almost every day. People can complete world missions, daily heroes, pet battles, and mythical focus. A new PvP bra returns to the game and attracts the neglected PvP community. This is after the Battle of Azeros. Even players with limited player time can easily and quickly challenge and gain at least average difficulty.


Bad: The balance of artifact weapons.

There are artificial weapons, there are 2 kinds of gears, weapons and hands. People wearing blue weapons are in the middle of the attack layer. This is a major change in my experience. Artifact weapons are a compromise way to restore old talented trees and maintain existing systems. However, you need to upgrade your weapons according to different specifications. Knowledge about artifacts is currently simplified, but players often find themselves unsatisfied with these changes before making changes.


Safe gold buying wow you imagine having it feel.


Good: This is probably the most familiar extension of World of Warcraft.